If you read this, you are a threat to US national security,

In 1954 the CIA discovered seceret bunker underneath a hotdog stand in beirut. This bunker was a self sustained laboratory containing 4,389 test tubes in which Hitlers clones were gestating. the thouands of fetusus were imediately destroyed, but the american seceret police have been on edge eversince. considering Nazi capacity for time travel and invisibility force feilds, It's more than likely that Hitler has stored more of his clones in other locations or even in alternate dimensions. With that in mind, The federal Government decided that It needed a new sort of weapon to combat the army of Hitlers which scientits estimate will soon be able to mature and invade the free world. America needed a weather machine. Using a combination of bromium alloy technology and ancient Aztec Magic the Government finally erected the beamouth that is the US weather machine (USWM). It is located near the center of the continental united States in the City of St. Lewis. there it uses the "gateway to the west" as a giant antena to project its unnatural demands on nature. Unfortionately the government has not been able to find a power source large enough to power the machine even though they've been collecting the souls of virgins for sixty years. The search for a fuel source becomes more and more desperate as the estimated hitler invasion date approaches in december of next year (2012). The government has tried everything from nuclear power to sonicconversion plates but even the aggregate energy of our solar system, If it could be harnesed, could not power the macine. For years frustrated scientists could do nothing but throw french fries at the machine but that all changed last month when Charlie from accouning suggested flipping the on switch. An excited room of scientits imediately flipped the switch and Japan experienced an earthquake and a tsunami. Also, Obama has been using the tear in the space time continum created by the USWM to bring dinasaurs to Panama.
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